Stephen Tobin is the main protagonist of the Stephen and Chuckmeister Bloopers series. He is very strong, is a big fan of Angry Birds, and he is very powerful, but not so powerful against evil. He is best friends with Chuckmeister.

Appearance Edit

Stephen is a tall white boy with brown spiky bangs, wears yellow PJs, and has blue eyes. When in his underwear, he is seen with beefy arms, a six-pack, and fat calves. When he eats a Bird Biscuit, he goes 99.5% Crazy! When he is 99.5% crazy, he has eyes like Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, when Perry acts innocent.

Trivia Edit

  • When Stephen is 99.5 crazy, he had anger issues, he had platypus eyes, and at first, he moved around a lot!
  • Stephen has his braces in two episodes of Stephen and Chuckmeister Bloopers.
  • Stephen's life is in grave danger, because The Bad Piggies are trying or kill him, and even Dark King, his archenemy, is trying to eat him on Christmas Eve.

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