Pirates of the Caribeano is a strip in the Beano. Its a play on Pirates of the Caribbean. The strip's drawn by Barrie Appleby. The main characters are...

Captain Flint- Captain Flint was turned into a dinosaur by the evil witch Carnella. He has a big crush on Captain Gorgeous.

First Mate Sally- The only girl on the ship, Sally is the only sophisticated pirate on board.

Death Head Danny- Danny, from The Bash Street Kids. He wears the same clothes there just torn.

Hyena Jack- Hyena Jack is always smiley and has a big mouth

Two Patch Mulligan- A pirate with two patches. In one issue he commits mutiny!

Guvnor- Flint's rival. At first Carnella was the enemy but then it changed to Guvnor.

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